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How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color for interior and exterior painting

There are very few things as exciting as choosing a colour scheme for your sweet home. Indeed it’s a challenging job to select the colours that will fit your home the best. The colour and shades of your house play an important role as it shows your aesthetics and personal taste. In some cases, the colour of your house can even impact the value of your property. Seems a tough job, right? We’re here to help you –

Pick the Perfect Paint Colour for Interior

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The first thing to keep in mind while choosing the colour for your interior is that the colour shouldn’t make the room gloomy. The selection of the proper shade also depends on what the room is going to be used for.


Ponder about how much natural light is going to enter the part of the house during the day. If there’s enough natural light in the day, you can move towards selecting a darker shade for your interior. But, if there’s not much light in the room even at the peak sun hours, consider using a lighter shade. A lighter shade not only helps to make the room brighter but also makes us feel the interior is more spacious.


Choose the colour of your interior according to the task they are going to be used for. Here’s a suggestion for shades you can pick according to the purpose of the room.

Living room (for relaxation):

Suggested colours for the living room are light yellow, and warm taupe. These colours create a welcoming ambience which is perfect for a living room.

Bedroom (for resting):

You can choose both light and dark colours for your bedroom according to your preference. Some recommendations for a bedroom will be light gray, light blue, lavender etc.


Kitchen demands a bright and warm colour just like the warm dishes that’ll be prepared in it. You can choose bright colours like light blue, light red or different shades of green for your kitchen.

Pick the Perfect Paint Color for Exterior

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The exterior the job of colour picking gets a bit more difficult as for now, unlike the interior, you have to take account of the surroundings and make sure your home fits well with the surrounding landscapes. Mind you that you’ll also need to consider the weather and climate of your place.

Evaluate what you already have:

If you have rooftops or bricks or stonework of a particular colour, consider picking a paint colour for the exterior that resonates with these colours.


Consider taking a walk in your neighbourhood to get an idea about the colour scheme of your locality which will make sure that the colour you pick for your house, doesn’t make it too bizarre.

Test samples:

Take a very small amount of paint to test them on different parts of your exterior. Observe whether they fit with everything, moreover, whether you feel satisfied looking at them or not.


Picking a colour for your exterior or your interior is totally up to you. What you read above was just a suggestion. It’s your home and it’s totally up to you to pick the colour you feel most satisfied with.

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